15 Years of Caring for Kurth Kiln

15 Years of Caring for Kurth Kiln

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The Friends of Kurth Kiln celebrated their 15th anniversary on Saturday 14 June 2014 with a re-vegetation day. The event went very well, with the help of Wandin Rotary Club and the Emerald Scouts 400 seedlings were planted at the Shepherds Creek./ Tomahawk Creek junction. After the re-vegetation and a BBQ lunch at the kiln, our 15th birthday was celebrated by sharing a Black Forest cake with friends and helpers.
Our volunteer organisation was officially registered and incorporated in June 1999 and had its first meeting that month. From the 12 foundation members the group has since grown to a membership of 120 volunteers and friends, all supporting our aims to care for the historic Kurth Kiln and its natural environment.

If you too care for Australia’s Cultural and Natural heritage, if you enjoy our bush environment and care for its conservation, why not come to the anniversary meeting, starting at 10am at Kurth Kiln. Have a look around and see the work we have done and are doing. Volunteering can be a very satisfying activity. It fulfills a need we all share, to contribute to something worthwhile. It’s multi-faceted activities allow you to become creative in your own way, with your own ideas, in your own time, and best of all, amongst friends of like-minded people.

kurth-kiln-celebrateWe thank Parks Victoria for their ongoing encouragement of our activities, the Cardinia and the Yarra Ranges Shire Councils for their continuing support, and the State and Government Departments for making it possible to fund some of our major projects.

During the last 12 month alone we have created a covered “Heritage Walk” featuring Interpretive Displays on a collection of period Gas Producers that powered cars and trucks during the petrol rationing periods of WWII (funded by the Public Records Office of Victoria), furnished a new Display Room for larger Cultural Artefacts at Kurth Kiln (funded by Parks Victoria), re-vegetated sections of damaged bush around Kurth Kiln Picnic Ground (funded by Melbourne Water), and published a booklet of Reflections on Dr. E. E. Kurth and his work (funded by the Community Heritage Small Grants Section Department of the Environment).

There are of course always ongoing activities, such as maintenance and categorising the inventory, giving talks and guided tours to visiting groups, conducting bushwalks on the many pictu esque tracks of Kurth Kiln Regional Parks and looking after our website at www.friendsofkurthkiln.org.au . While browsing our website, you may also care to look in on the Kurth Kiln Page of www.victoriancollections.net.au where some of our
categorised cultural artefacts are featured.

You can become part of our group or show your support of our aims and activities by becoming a member of the Friends of Kurth Kiln. A membership is just $5.00 per year
($10.00 a family). There are no other commitments.

By taking out a membership you have already given us much needed moral support. For more information send us an email at alfred.ursula@bigpond.com

Alfred Klink, Public Officer – Friends of Kurth Kiln