Fleetwood Vintage: A-Grade Vintage Groove for Emerald

Fleetwood Vintage: A-Grade Vintage Groove for Emerald

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"We will always have different vintage stock in each store. If you can’t find what you’re after at one store, there’s every chance our other store will have what you need” Photography by Phil Byers

After nearly a decade of trading at Walk in Wardrobe in Belgrave, Danielle De Valence has opened a sister store in Emerald Victoria. Like all good younger sisters, Fleetwood Vintage is an individual – she has her own energy and style; there’s always going to be something different at each store.

Fleetwood Vintage – a selection of dresses

“I’m a bit of a crazy Fleetwood Mac fan – especially Stevie Nicks. I couldn’t really call the store “Stevie Nicks Vintage” so instead I chose “Fleetwood Vintage” says Danielle.
The Emerald store offers a range of vintage fashion clothing, gifts, jewellery and more. The clothing, some imported, is A-Grade vintage, with a touch of contemporary thrown in as well. All the jewellery offered at Fleetwood Vintage is brand new, featuring sterling silver gemstones and a range of Hill Tribe jewellery.

Danielle offers recycled wherever she can, with lots of accessories featuring a number of Australian based labels – including a range of vegetable based gift cards made from 100% recycled material. Wherever possible, Danielle makes an effort to source locally made accessories with a range of tights, along with Shagpile brand earrings and brooches made from retro fabrics.

Fleetwood Vintage also offers something for the guys – a selection of vintage Lee and Levi jeans, tons of shirts, jumpers, denim and leather jackets.

After the success of the grand opening night, Danielle is keen to host similar events in the not-too-distant future, so keep your eye out on Fleetwood Vintage’s Facebook page or pop in, say hi and add your name and details to the mailing list.

Fleetwood Vintage is located at 373 Belgrave Gembrook Rd in Emerald and is currently open from Wednesday through Sunday from 9:30am until 4:30pm.