Who you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris?

Who you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris?

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Sebastian Gerber is a presenter at 3MDR and currently hosts his own weekly show “Cosmik Debris” every Tuesday afternoon between 3PM and 5PM. From time to time, Sebastian also makes cameo appearances on other shows and occasionally helps fill in the blanks.

As many of you may know, Cosmik Debris is a famous track from the A-side of Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe (‘) album. It may also come as no surprise that Sebastian is in fact a huge Frank Zappa fan; so much so that he has every album: and then some!

Since the age of thirteen, Sebastian had longed to be involved with community radio – listening to 3RRR and 3PBS. It’s not something he dreamt about per se – it was something that he just HAD to do. Configuring things in his mind – he would hear tracks, agonising over which tracks would fit together – essentially creating virtual play lists. Years went by – family life, kids and all the things associated with that. Finally, now with his children at school age, Sebastian has taken the plunge into community radio.

“You know, I had always assumed that some of what I play would be generally well known, but have found that a lot of it is considered relatively obscure. It’s interesting how perceptions can differ depending on one’s tastes. Over time, I’ve found that quite a few of the tracks that I play are considered by some “alternative”. That surprises me to some extent.”

“With regards to hosting my show on 3MDR, the idea I have been running with is that I would simply play tunes that I enjoy listening to – if people listen, then it seems appropriate. Build it and they will come – so to speak.”

Looking at the statistics, having drawn in a new subset of listeners, it is clear to see that Sebastian is definitely making his mark. In just under a year on the airwaves, Sebastian’s show is now one of the higher ranking shows on 3MDR.

Sebastian originally became involved with 3MDR as a result of working with a local school. Each week, he would help the students put a show to air. Managing three or four mini-presenters in the studio simultaneously would present its own set of challenges. Over time, this evolved into what we now know as Sebastian’s “Cosmik Debris” on Tuesday afternoons.

“Having four little guests on for half an hour each week was a great crash course on how to work with the panel – that’s for sure!”

If you’re in the Mountain District area of Melbourne, Tune in to 97.1FM Tuesday afternoons to hear Sebastian Gerber with Cosmik Debris on Mountain District Radio (3MDR) between 3PM and 5PM – or pick up the internet stream over at www.3mdr.com.